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Isaiah 45 - 4.4.2020

April 4th, 2020

Isa 45 - the perfect and timely place to be, in these times.

Our God reigns, and He owns and controls the Divine Clock that ticks across the whole earth, and all that He has for you, individually, will come to pass, in perfect timing, as we draw near and surrender yet more to His will.


David Wilkerson prophetic vision from 1973

April 3rd, 2020

David Wilkerson 1973 Prophetic words re a stirring vision he received, early.


Isaiah 43-44 - amidst our first Zoom meeting. 3.28.20

March 28th, 2020

1. This is our corporate first attempt at a Zoom meeting, and recording that video to them cull it down to audio format for podcast convenience - so PLEASE forgive especially the first 5 minutes of background noise and chatter and recap etc. We do make progress and it ought to be better going forward! And those first noisy minutes have good stuff to hear.

2. Some is necessary recap because there were some new folks and I felt that would be good to get them onboard.

3. We are so done, done, done w Isa 43-44 and next time will be forward of that.

4. It's about His sovereignty, His declared purposes, and our call to glorify Him, to understand His call on our lives and to put aside whatever might be holding us back, or wanting to hold us back, to walk in our destiny in these wild times.

Isa 43 - 5 verses. Then: God’s destiny plans for His people

March 21st, 2020

At the end of Isa 43 the Lord pronounces a heavy word of disaster upon His people for their current disobedience and the necessary and upcoming Babylonian captivity - and then begins 44 with a gloriously prophetic corporate titling of "Jeshurun". It means Upright One. God speaks to His people according to His destiny plan - declaring what He has purposed and will eventually bring about. That's so good and critical to remember - particularly in these most trying days. We are here for divine purpose, and there is a divine reward to the faithful.

Complete In The Wholeness Of God

March 19th, 2020

Given the shaking and troublesome current season, I did feel led to perhaps write or record a message re our wholeness being in, and only in, our holy God. Then I remembered it was something I had spoken on a while back, but couldn't find my earlier notes for reference. Two days later a video link showed up on my computer and there it was. Thank You Lord. This podcast is the convenient audio from that church message. It is strikingly timely. In the message I point to an overhead screen you can't see on a podcast. Sorry about that. But I did locate the "elephant in the room" image. Elephant_in_the_room_sort_of_squarest.jpg

Isaiah 42 & 43

March 14th, 2020

The sovereignty of our God is our assurance of His righteous constancy. He has told us who He is and what His plans are, and the invitation is to understanding, compliance, and rest. His plans for His people are revealed, as are His plans to draw and also, as required, to drive all people to Him. And how does that happen? And what is the role of the saints on earth during tough times?

Isa 41: God’s Perfection in prophecy and purpose

March 7th, 2020

The overarching theme of the remaining 60+ chapters of Isaiah is the righteous and perfect accuracy of God and His revealed and yet to be revealed prophetic plans - so that praying and surrendered saints might understand and walk in the opportunity of destiny success, all the while avoiding the deception of an enemy who speaks only lies, always. In Him, we win.  

Derek Prince’s excellent and now-most-timely teaching on demons

March 6th, 2020

Please do not be intimidated nor turned away by the title including "demons". And in fact please listen to this podcast. It will enlighten, challenge and bless you. It can empower you to minister to others. It just might deliver you in some areas of your own life. 

Asa + Psalm 32

February 29th, 2020

Bunny trail this week. Isa 41 and forward took me into the life of King Asa who made some good decisions and some bad decisions. We spent the AM looking into that early King of Judah to learn from his life. And that took us to Psalm 32 - eleven SPECTACULAR verses pointing to our great God and His mercy, relentless pursuit of His people to take us into holiness, prophetic mantle restoration for repentant David, eye-contact relationship w a great God.

NEXT TIME: Isa 41 - looking at and confirming God's supernatural and sovereign plans over all events, so that we might even more purposefully press into hearing Him, obeying Him, succeeding in Him (which is what had led me down the Asa bunny trail in the first place!)

Isaiah 38.9 to 40

February 15th, 2020

Much can and ought to be learned from Hezekiah's life - his successes and also his mistakes, so that we can do better, finish well, impact the world for our great God - regardless of the season in which the world finds itself. Chapter 40 presents us with the eternal truths about God's sovereignty and His eternal promise to sustain, refresh and energize those who wait on Him. So encouraging!